Last Updated: 03 February, 2021

Our secure payment

We accept PayPal Express Payment, also accept MasterCard and Visa by Braintree. For Hong Kong, we accept Bank Transaction too.

Available currencies are listed below:



Braintree-Credit Card
(MasterCard & Visa)

Bank Transaction


Secure Payment FAQ 

Q: What is PayPal?
A: PayPal is an account-based system that lets anyone with an email address securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account.
Please visit PayPal's official website for detailed information. 

Q: How can I start using PayPal to pay for orders?
A: You will need to first open an account with PayPal. PayPal accepts payment in either money transfer or credit card payment.
Please visit PayPal's official website for detail information on how to create an account and make payments. 

Q: Why am I asked to become a verified PayPal user?
A: Becoming a verified PayPal user helps reduce the risk of fraudulent use of your PayPal account, and speeds up payment verification. Your orders will be processed more quickly and safely if you become a verified PayPal user. 

Q: Is there a fixed conversion rate for the currencies that you offer?
A: No. Currency conversion on our website is handled according to an internal exchange rate, which is periodically changed based on our bank's exchange rates. Payments are charged according to Cutewares's internal exchange rate at the time the order is placed. Currency conversions are rounded off to the nearest cent. 

Q: Who is responsible for paying any PayPal handling fees for payment and refund processing?
A: Cutewares will bear PayPal handling fees for customer orders or refunds. However, PayPal may charge customers a handling fee if they choose to transfer money between their PayPal account and their bank account. Please visit the PayPal website for specific details.

Our secure website SSL

We using GeoTrust QuickSSL® Premium certificate and McAfee for secure all the customers information. The SSL connection protects sensitive data, such as credit card information, exchanged during each visit (session).

Secure Website FAQ

Q: Is my personal information secure when shopping on Cute Wares website?
A: We assure our customers that their personal information is protected when shopping on the Cute Wares website.
Regarding the Heartbleed Bug, we would like to state that:

Customer account details were not exposed at any time.
Customers DO NOT need to change their passwords.
Customers DO NOT need to take any additional actions to safeguard their personal information.
Although customer information has not been affected by this OpenSSL vulnerability, we advise our customers to change their passwords periodically.

Customer safety is always our top priority and we will continue to enhance our security measures to protect customer information.